stream2stream offers a number of high quality training courses in UML, Architectures and Java. We have been involved in the training industry for over eight years, and in that time have amassed a large training experience and quality courses. Our commitment is to object oriented training. We specialise in bringing people to a point where object technology is treated as a normal way of producing software systems.
The Unified Modelling Language, Java and Architecture centric software development have become the focus of much debate, tools and processes. We see more and more tools being developed to ease development of UML and Java systems. The focus has moved away from simply analysing problems purely from a business perspective, but an architectural centric view into which the business analysis must fit.
Arhitectural based software development is not new, it has been around for a long time. But what has happened over the last few years has been phenomenal. The drive to build systems that can scale and morph as business needs change has become paramount. One only has to look at where leading technical authors and tool vendors are placing their emphasis, it is in architectural design and analysis. Our Architectures for Developers and Project Chiefs is designed to bridge the gap between those who lead projects, the architects, analysts and the designers/coders.
Java has stood the test of time and now has a proven track record. Many C++ developers have cross trained into Java and many Computer Scientists graduating from universities do so with some knowledge of Java. Our Java courses are aimed at novice and expert. We have come to realise that developing good software systems is more to do with following good design principles, and architectural frameworks, than just the ability to write good code. It's of no value to any company if its developers can produce slick code, if those modules then will not collaborate. Large scale software systems are more to do with integrating systems than producing slick units of code. Our Java course is complemented by our UML and Architecture courses to allow delegates to experience of producing software systems that must integrate and collaborate. We run three Java courses
Java for Beginners: learn the language and philosophy of Java. Includes, IO, threading, AWT, basic security, designing and building class loaders and basic networking.
Advanced Java Development: learn how to use J2EE: learn how to use RMI, Java Beans, EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans), CORBA, XML/XSLT, Web Systems and Java (applets, servlets and JSPs)...
Java Inside Out: learn how to design, optimise and architect Java systems. We introduce the JFC and the much improved event model. event/state driven applications.

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