We can offer a wide range of services ranging from Architectural Analysis, Business Analysis and Design to Software Development.
Architectural Analysis and Design
We can offer architects who have long experience at specifying Business, System and Software Architectures.  In the last ten years Client/Server, UML distributed system's infrastructures (CORBA, DCOM, J2EE, SOAP and the Internet) have changed the perception of software development for a large number of software companies.  The idea of an application being a single process on a single box has moved on.  The talk now, is of integration, integration, integration.  The integrating of legacy with the new, legacy with legacy and new with new.  Most software systems are heterogeneous and the need to ensure that these systems collaborate has become an important factor in the design of a lot of modern computer systems.  What's driving this need to collaborate?  Costs, time-scales customers who are more tuned to what is available to them, competition etc.
System Design
All of our team our experienced System Designers.  The stream2stream team can help you enhance your system design by adding to your team not replacing it.  Our guys have a wealth of experience and knowledge that shows itself in a pragmatic manner.
Software Development
We can offer skills in any of these languages.  We can offer team members who are proficient in any of the following languages; C/C++, Java, Delphi (Object Pascal) and Visual Basic.  Our developers have skills in the real-time transaction systems, embedded systems, client-server database systems, web applications, banking systems, financial trading systems, smartcard systems and government systems.
UML (Unified Modelling Language)
All of our team are experienced UML modellers.  Whether we are performing Architectural Analysis/Design, Business Analysis, System Design or Software Design and implementation, all phases are modelled are maintained in UML.  UML is seen by stream2stream as a significant step forward in attempting to bring some level of discipline into what has been a quite undisciplined industry.  UML is the vehicle by which the stream2stream team members communicate and distribute ideas.  We have a long history in OO modelling, going back to a period where OMT and Booch were the primary modelling tools.  We have taken this experience and packaged it into a number of UML courses that have been highly successful.
There are three ways in which a company like stream2stream could help you; as consultants telling you what you want to hear, advising you but not being there as the project progresses and problems arise, as a body shop supplying people to augment your development teams or as mentors.  Mentoring is not consultancy and it is not body shopping.  Mentoring is about working with clients to meet their goals.  A mentor will advise a client as to what is the best course to a problem.  A mentor will implement with the client whatever advice the mentor has given to the client.  A mentor will ensure that whatever work they are involved in, can be transferred over to the client.  Our mentors will offer all of the above and more, ensuring that projects do come in on time, to scale and to budget.

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