Celestial Consulting

Celestial is an independent consultancy that empowers organisations to understand their current and design their future capabilities to achieve a solution- and technology-neutral perspective that enables strong decision making. In real terms, this allows organisations to define their needs in logical terms and use those definitions as the basis to procure or develop the most appropriate business solutions.



Objektum researches the latest techniques and innovates its own processes, methods and tools to deliver the best training and consulting possible to its clients. Objektum is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that invests in continual process improvement.



realIRM have more than ten years of experience in the highly specialised fields of Enterprise Architecture, Strategy and Governance. As the South African Breweries Ltd's Information Resource Management (IRM) team, we took an active role in their SAP R/3 implementation. As a result of our team's innovative use of Enterprise Architecture concepts, we were invited to Arizona to present a paper on using the Zachman framework to implement ERP systems. This led to our membership in the SAP AG Global Customer Council for Knowledge Management.


QA-IQ Training

QA-IQ is Europe's largest training company. TROy have been partners with QA for over 11 years offering UML, Java, CORBA, C++, OO design and architecture training courses. TROy has developed a number of the above courses for and with QA during those 11 years. TROy still actively deliver QA-IQ training courses and offer mentoring services to them.


eXperise training

eXpertise is one of the Uks largest and well known training companies. TROy have been a partner with eXpertise for over 7 years offering UML and Java training courses. TROy still actively deliver eXpertise training courses and offer mentoring services to them.



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