Java Inside Out


5 days

What is it?

Many of us can remember the evolution of languages like C, PASCAL and C++. During the C/PASCAL era many new languages evolved, languages like; Modula II, SmallTalk, Clipper etc. During the late 80s a new language was been developed in the R&D labs of Sun Microsystems. It would be similar in its run-time architecture to Modula II, but its purpose was different. This new language was targeted at the embedded market, but not just any embedded market. The developers at Sun had a vision of software components on hardware units like fridges, faxes, telephones, television etc. in conversation with software components on other such devices as well as desktop computers and workstations. This language is Java. "Java Inside Out" is a course designed to introduce developers who are or not familiar with OO languages. Designed by software developers for software developers, this course aims to bring to the software developer a pragmatic view of the language. The student will not only learn how to program in Java, but also best practices, how to use the class libraries and software patterns the Java way. The course focuses on bringing to the students how the language is being used, rather than how it should be used, and examines on whether some of the uses shown are valid.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in any Java development, either as a beginner or an intermediate looking to get to grips with some of its nuances, then this course is for you. Many features of the Java API can be difficult to learn. You may have looked at the AWT and wondered do I still need to learn it if I'm now going to use the JFC, and what it is the JFC? Many people learn the language but struggle to get to grips with the JFC. This course is targeted at these people. "Java Inside Out" aims to teach developers the principles of Java development, not just the syntax of the language.


This is an intense five day course. All those who attend should be alert and ready to assimilate a large amount of information. A basic understanding of software principles is necessary. Some OO background would be useful, but is not essential. You do need to be a software developer, with a basic appreciation of software concepts i.e. functions, variables and data types etc

Topics in brief

  • The Java Architecture
  • Java's platform independence
  • Java's front line security
  • The Java program structure
  • Java data types and fundamentals
  • Declarations and access controls
  • Flow control and Exceptions
  • Working with Objects Class Loaders
  • The java.lang package
  • Java IO streams
  • Java threading
  • Java network programming
  • Java security programming
  • AWT and JFC
  • AWT components
  • AWT event handling
  • Java Native Interface programming
  • Java performance tuning
  • Tuning object creation
  • Tuning string manipulation


Pricing ( all prices exclude vat)

Group bookings of 1 - 5
£1100 per delegate
Group bookings of 6 - 12
£1100 per delegate for first 5, £850 per delegate 6-12


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