C++ Threading by Experience


2 days

What is it?

It isn't possible to build current day software applications without having to consider concurrency. This concurrency may be the result of multiple processes running on a single or multiple machines, but more often than not, it is the result of a single application with multiple threads. Once concurrency has been introduced into an application all types of issues must be dealt with, such as

  • data integrity
  • synchronisation
  • thread communication
  • memory allocation and de-allocation
  • thread life cycle
  • thread pooling

C++ threading inside out" is designed to bring the delegate to a point where the above points are a natural part of developing any C++ application in a concurrent environment.

Who should attend?

If you are developing C++ applications with elements of concurrency and don't feel confident about the designing and architecting the above features into your applications, then you should attend this course. The course aims to bring the developer to a place where designing concurrency into an application is as natural as allocating and de-allocating memory.


This is an intense two day course. All those who attend should be alert and ready to assimilate a large amount of information. A good understanding of software principles and C++ is essential. An OO background is also essential but a brief overview will be given.

Topics in brief

  • Introduction to threading concepts
    • Multi-threading and multi tasking
    • Advantages of threads
    • Disadvantages of threads
    • Thread concepts state,
    • creating, joining,
    • synchronization
    • The POSIX thread API
  • Synchronisation o Semaphore
    • Mutex
    • Deadlock
    • Race conditions
  • Thread Miscellany
    • Thread priority
    • Cancelling Threads
    • Blocked threads
    • Debugging multi-threaded applications
  • Using threads with C++
    • OO concepts
    • UML classes
    • A thread class


Pricing ( all prices exclude vat)

Group bookings of 1 - 5
£525 per delegate
Group bookings of 6 - 12
£525 per delegate for first 5, £475 per delegate 6-12


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