We are a leading software development house involved in the OO mentoring sphere.  Our aim is to develop software applications with you not for you.  The team have a wealth of knowledge in OO software development using C++, Java, Delphi, CORBA, J2EE, EJBs, COM, UML and numerous database technologies such Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and Interbase.

We are run by technology gurus for none technology gurus who need unbiased views and objective strategies for their companies future software developments.  We can boast an unprecedented 11 years of object oriented software development experience.  Our team have worked with IBM, BP, British Airways, CTS, the Government, City banks, Primary Insurance companies and London Underground.  Our team can bring architectural, business analysis, mentoring and software development skills to your company in a selective manner.

stream2stream are currently engaged in developing streaming software applications for the growing mobile multimedia market.  We expect to see fascinating products in the market by the end of 2003.

Building Applications with you, not for you!
Our world as we know it and understand it is changing at an ever increasing pace. There seems to be no end in sight to the learning that one has to do to be sure that the applications produced today will stand the trials of customers and time. A university professor once stated "that if you are learning computer science with the intention of graduating and then that's it, think again! You will be a part-time student forever". The requirements that are been driven down from clients to the suppliers of software systems are becoming more and more complex as we the purveyors of IT systems present more and more fascinating technology and our users/clients capture the vision of how these technologies can be used in their lives and corporations.
stream2stream is here to help you build the applications of tomorrow. We are not a software house that you can outsource your work out to. We are not a training company concerned only with delivering high quality detailed training with no after-train support or consolidation. We are not a body shop supplying developers who will cut code and then run the fastest sprint ever seen. We are not consultants whose only intention is to give you the feel good factor even though time-scales and budgets have been breached!
We are your conscious of bringing to you
Software development at your side. We work with you transferring the knowledge we have to your teams. We have been mentoring software developers and companies for the last four years guaranteeing that the systems that are built are scalable, maintainable, flexible and stable.
High quality training in UML, Architectures and Java. We don't just train you in these technologies, but we work with you in using these tools, transferring our knowledge and experience to your teams.
Professional software developers not hackers. They are all trained UML advocates, ensuring that all tasks are captured in document form. Each developer can confidently transfer the knowledge that they acquired and implemented to any of your teams through mentoring.
OO Mentoring. This means that you get the full development life cycle support. From the moment your project begins right through to deployment and then maintenance, we are there supporting you. Changes in technology will be brought to you as we become aware that the technology has become stable.
Why continue developing software the way you have done. Join the technological revolution. Determine your future by creating it with us

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